Happy Apple


120101 Happy Birhtday 27th Lee SungMin ♥♥♥

Happy Birthday my Cute man!!!! I love U!!!!!!! ♥

and Happy New Year 2012 everyone ^^♥

111231 Sungmin Naver Blog Update "오빠야~ㅋㅋㅋ"

이제 6시간 남았네요~ㅋ
벌써부터 맛있는것들 선물해주시고~
보드복도 너무 고마워요 잘입을게요^^

trans :
6 hours to go~ㅋ (6 hours to go his birthday/already 27th)
Already got some good gifts~
*bodebuk too really thank you, i'll save all this well^^

*bodebuk= i don't know what he means i'm sorry
These gifts are from Oppaya (오빠야) Sungmin's korean fansite ^^

[PIC] 111230 Sungmin Naver Blog Update

Update (1) : 고마워요... (Thank you...)

Update (2) : 다양한 썬그리~ㅎ

[CAP] 111229 SBS Gayo Daejun Super Junior


[CAP] 111229 Leeteuk, Kyuhyun & Heechul MBC Entertaiment Award

Super Junior  for Special Singer
Heechul  Best Rookie for Variety
MC Kyuhyun for Radio Star

Congratulations boys!! i'm never stop proud of you all!! Super Junior is the best!!

[CAP] 111229 IU SBS Gayo Daejun

IU & Yoseob (they looks so cute together >< Eunhyuk must be jealous haha)