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IHyuk IU-Eunhyuk's moments at Gayo Daejun :D

Hai.. i just wanna share some IHyuk moments.. just because they're my couple bias..hehe

♥IHyuk SBS Gayo Daejun♥
 the moment when IU perform You and I. Hyuk (with Ryeowook&Shindong) cheer IU XD haha forever fanboy

the moment when IU special duet stage with Yoseob.. lmao look at hyuk's expression XDDDD.. over jealous to sobie

♥IHyuk KBS Gayo Daejun♥

Shuffle Dance (Hyuk  behind IU)

♥IHyuk MBC Gayo Daejun♥
Hyuk behind IU again :D