Happy Apple


[Review] Yami&Yomi Crayon Theme for Android

Go Locker

Go Launcher

Go Contacts

Wizard Memo


And...I use 'Omega status bar'. Now my status bar looks so cute hehe

Download Yami&Yomi Crayon Go Launcher Theme on Google Play here:



[Review] Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance ^^*

Hi ^^ long time no see!!!!
I'm back ^^ and now I've graduated from college!!

Now I want share about my new smartphone keke a gift from my parents&brotha~<3 Just changed my Samsung Galaxy Mini to the Galaxy S Advance~!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry (T_T)

Hi everyone^^! sorry I'm concentrating on the final project at university. I can't update this blog. I'm very pleased so many visitors and there's a lot of questions to me.  
Once again, sorry I can't respond and reply  now. I'll be back around of August. please understanding and thank you againㅠㅠ

Please kindly to wait me kekeke~


IU - Vogue Girl Japan

Today I'm just photoshoped IU photoshoot - Vogue Girl Japan No.3 hehe!


[120222] IU-Eunhyuk ♥ @ Gaon Chart K-Pop Award 2012

ㅠㅠI love this.. IU sit next to Eunhyuk!
My dreams come true ♥

Shy boy ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ah >_<♥



Hello all ^^ I'm so so sorry! I'll be on Semi-Hiatus ㅠㅠ  maybe for a long time. I'm going to concentrate on my final assignment as a college student, yeah that's Thesis. I will updates my blog when I have free time. See yaa ^^
Oh and thank you for visiting my blog :)